Seventy North

70 North’s demonstrated capability of providing dynamic coordination of Arctic Logistics and Remote Access is an asset; tested, proven and trusted, that benefits any arctic project.

Our core logistic support services include passenger-cargo charter flight services direct from Anchorage connecting 70 Norths’ essential freight consolidating, expediting, camp and flight support services in Deadhorse to even more remote arctic locations.

70 North provides contract services to oil, gas and mineral exploration and production companies, arctic environmental remediation ventures, northern scientific research foundations, universities, government agencies and NGO’s.

We support aerial surveys and multimedia mapping projects by directly providing fixed wing aircraft and helicopter services.
70 North engages in collaborative enterprises using unmanned aerial vehicle systems technology (drones) to acquire atmospheric and geologic data; facilities and infrastructure imaging; and marine mammal and terrestrial wildlife surveys.

Our staff is trained to integrate years of knowledge and experience sharing connected networks and resources essential to the unique operating environment that swirls around any remote Alaska Arctic Project.

70 North’s training and management practices manifest as a solid organization structure compliant with law and regulation including integrated risk and assessment protocols at every phase of operations with the ultimate emphasis on safety. Our style of business conduct results in a tangible commitment to customer satisfaction that is hard to match.

Overall, with every service we provide we know 70 North’s customer service ultimately defines us and our core competencies make 70 North’s remote arctic logistic support solutions worth considering…every time.

Our northern base of operations, located on the North Slope at the Deadhorse Airport near the Prudhoe Bay oil field, is an ideal consolidating and departure point to the Brooks Range; the vast Arctic Coastal Plain east of Kaktovic and Barter Island that stretches west to the Colville River; Teshekpuk Lake; Point Lay; and the National Petroleum Reserve (NPR).

70 North also provides commercial air charter service to independent arctic travelers who “Go North” to experience, explore or report on activity in the Alaska Arctic Region.


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